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Explaining the stuff that C and C++ programmers really need to know

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Dan Saks is excellent. I would be surprised if there is someone else out there who understands this topic as well as he does.

-- from an evaluation by an attendee at Dan Saks's class on "Conscientious Operator Overloading" at the Software Development Best Practices Conference, September, 2005


Our seminars range from a one-day overview of C++ and object-oriented programming to a ten-day comprehensive C++ workshop complete with laboratory exercises.

Among our course offerings are:

  • Advanced C and Object-Oriented Programming presents advanced C programming and object-oriented techniques in a style that paves the way to using C++. (2 to 3 days of lecture only/4 to 5 days with programming exercises)
  • Introductory C++ and Object-Oriented Programming teaches a working knowledge of the C++ language through very practical object-oriented programming exercises. (1 to 3 days of lecture only/4 to 10 days with programming exercises)
  • Advanced C++ and STL Programming provides experienced C++ programmers with practical exposure to advanced C++ language features such as nested classes, templates, exception handling, and allocation and deallocation functions. It emphasizes the fine points of packaging class abstractions. It also covers generic programming using the STL components from the Standard C++ Library. (2 to 3 days of lecture only/3 to 5 days with programming exercises)
  • Embedded Programming with C++ presents techniques for developing robust and efficient embedded applications in C++. Topics include representing and manipulating hardware devices, handling interrupts, managing memory, and tuning performance. For experienced C++ programmers. (2 to 3 days of lecture only/3 to 5 days with programming exercises)
In addition:
  • We don't just teach language features -- we teach how to use the language to support sound software design methodologies.
  • We offer optional topics of special interest to embedded systems programmers, such as representing and manipulating hardware, and placing data into ROM, and the EC++ language and library.
  • We can tailor our courses to fit a variety of student backgrounds and time constraints.
Dan Saks designs and presents all the courses. Over the years, Dan has been among the highest-rated and most popular speakers at the Software Development and Embedded Systems conferences.