Saks & Associates

Explaining the stuff that C and C++ programmers really need to know

A photo of Dan Dan Saks is one of the world's leading experts on the C and C++ programming languages and their use in developing embedded systems. He provides training and consulting services through his company, Saks & Associates.

What others have said about Dan Saks

Dan Saks ... has shown an exacting grasp of the C++ language, coupled with the ability to explain thorny topics clearly. ... I confess that I still don't "get" C++ with anywhere near the depth that I understand C. I suspect I never will. Dan Saks, on the other hand, has clearly "got" C++.

-- P. J. Plauger, then senior editor of The C/C++ Users Journal, writing in the June, 1993 issue

Dan has always been like a voice of sanity in a wilderness of hype. While others jumped on the gravy train writing about the latest cool thing ..., Dan quietly showed us what we needed to know before we could use these solutions effectively. It takes guts for a columnist to say "eat your peas" when readers want to get along to dessert. I will always admire Dan for it.

-- Marc Briand, then Editor-in-Chief of The C/C++ Users Journal, writing in the May, 2000 issue

Not only is Dan Saks an expert on all things C/C++, a former secretary of the ISO C++ Standards Committee and the leading educator on the use of C and C++ in the context of embedded systems... he's also a really, really nice guy. Most of my understanding of the motivation behind the design of C++ comes from Dan.

-- Leor Zolman, Chief Consultant of BD Software (Full disclosure: Leor licenses some of his training materials from Saks & Associates.)