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Dan Saks is the only person I know of who goes into detail about the fine points of topics like sequence points, rvalues and lvalues, the types of literal constants, and tag names. The C++ language becomes a little bit clearer to me when I read his explanations.

-- Walter Vannini of GBB Services

Published Articles

Dan has written over 200 articles for publications such as The C/C++ Users Journal (CUJ), The C++ Report, Dr. Dobb’s Journal (DDJ), Embedded Systems Design (ESD) (formerly Embedded Systems Programming (ESP)), Software Development Magazine (SD), and the WindowsTM/DOS Developer’s Journal (WDDJ) (now Windows Developer Network (WDN)).

The past five or six years of my columns from ESP and ESD are available on line at Here are some of my more popular older columns (listed chronologically):